Who Runs The Backyard? Tyrone!

Have you gotten into the substitute creole soup that our friend Tyrone has been serving recently. If not, you may as well grab a ladle and submerge it into this flavorful gumbo of footwork, hair-flips and chunky stew! Hot and fresh, kids! Hot and fresh!

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  • Charlene Martinez

    he gave me everything I needed. thank you fury!

  • Jennifer

    meanwhile i dislocated my shoulder trying that damn dance and this dude got it down? *picks myself up and try again*

    • Christina H

      I’m with you, damn near broke my ankle trying to do this damn dance!!

  • aisha

    wow! He did dat!

  • Bonita Applebaum

    am i the only one who thought this had something to do with the backyardigans when I seen it on facebook lol 

    • Vynnessa S.

      shonuff coulda been the backyardigans!

  • Jennifer

     but can his 2 feet touch??

    • Anonymous


    • Christina H

      I’m literally crying laughing…

  • Kween215

    Lmao at Jennifer!!!! hahahaaaaaaa 

  • Kween215

    Lmao at Jennifer!!!! hahahaaaaaaa 

  • Tijarah08

    I saw this last night and I said, “honey chicka- chile he betta werk” Hey KidFury were you an english major in college?

  • Brooklyn_diva718

    His vagina is bigger than mine o_O

    • Melrose

      I thought that was a testicle bouncing on each side of the middle seam of all that horrid yellowish spandex.

      • Christina H

        Shut the hell up!!! I’m DEAD………………….LMAO

  • Anonymous

    Yes honey, yes!!

  • Alicia Collins

    Those. Yellow. Shorts. His thighs bare resemblance to a low hanging nanussy

  • Niko

    This was deliciously fantabulous.  He did the damn thing with enough attitude and confidence to put skinny insecure bitches to sleep.  Wait a minute.. Hear that?  (ZzzzZZ) Those hating chicks sleeping.

  • Courtney

    LMAO! Fury I am so mad at you right now for putting this up here! Did he do the roll around in the sand part? Oh and he knock kneed and rolling around in dirt like Bey rolled around in sand…yep. #DONE

  • Bjegede1

    Lol can I just applaud him because I’m personally surprised he could move that fast… But he wasn’t keeping with the beat I could tell he was ready to #pause a few times lmao

  • Mookie

    Damn teaching me how to Dougie, teach me how to twerk my hamhocks like that!

  • Dwayne McKoy

    Child…..I haven’t seen that much ripples and riptides during a dance in a long ass time. I am just mad he wore YELLOW spandex. Like Really?!?!?! Fire Engine red or Baby blue wasn’t availiable??? He did his thing though, it takes a lot of courage (and liquor) to get up and do that. YAY TY!!!!

  • Ychauntee

    If he keeps doing it he will lost that weight!  Clap for that man (?) LOL!