Mariah & Nick Announce Their Babies’ Names

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have revealed the names of their new twins, and you’ll never guess what they are. Oh no, you’ll never guess. The two MC Jrs have been named:

Moroccan Scott Cannon & Monroe Cannon

The couple named their son Moroccan Scott, with the nickname “Roc”, after the top tier of Mariah’s New York apartment — The Moroccan Room. Scott is Nick’s middle name and his grandmother’s maiden name. Their little girl is named Monroe after…yeah chile, Marilyn Monroe. Daughter Monroe doesn’t have a middle name, because Mariah doesn’t have one.

Well um, I guess. Monroe is a cute name, but…congratulations to them. Babies are wonderful.


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  • Ky

    -_- Honeeeeyyyy

  • Lapotrabellaca

    i aint feelin the names but at least they’re not horrible

  • Brittany

    Well it’s different, I mean at least it isn’t something extreme… is about time though she been carring them babies for what seemed to be all of 10 years…

  • Ladetee

    DEAD at “yeah chile..” I can hear you saying that. Very um interesting names. Better than Apple and Pilot, so congrats

  • MissyD

    Doesn’t seem like they thought these names 100% through. But I have heard a whole lot worse. Good luck to them and their new family. And with all the issues she’s had in the past, its great to see her healthy & happy

  • Bree

    you know what it’s cool, it’s not like them babies will ever have to apply for a job like the rest of us… So ehh whatever…

    • THAT nigga

      so true.. Im sure if Nick keeps his lil CEO job, they will have jobs as actors on TEENnick or some shit…

  • Jennifer

    im cool with monroe, but morccan? wait which is for which?

    • Tha Brittany Show

      moroccan is the boy

    • Tha Brittany Show

      moroccan is the boy

  • Shellbee

    For those who still don’t think Mariah is Black, well, now you know. It is a well known, if unfortunate, tendency among us to name our kids after various products, inanimate objects, etc. It is next level ghetto to name your kid after a tony building, though. I guess Mr. Cannon didn’t feel it was worth the fight.

  • TayJae

    Morocco I can understand for baby name… but MoroccAN?? Ehh just doesnt sit well with me. I feel like his middle name should be Sofa or Throw Pillow…or Chicken.

  • angs

    i just think of morrcan oil…. at least when they get older they can at least spell theyre names w/o having to be a spelling bee champs. and its about time she dropped them damn babies, shes been pregant for a year and half now.

  • Goldilocks

    I love the name monroe and actually had it on my baby list (my father is named monroe)..not too sure about morrocan.. congrats though!