Nicki Minaj Launches Casio Tryx Camera in NYC

Kid Fury April 8, 2011 The Life of a Barbie Girl 7 Comments

Monster Head took over Times Square yesterday (April 7) to help with the Casio & Best Buy launch of the new Tryx camera. The Head Barbie In Charge auctioned off an autographed pink edition of the camera in order to support the people of Japan. She also brought out some of her fans from that look-a-like contest and performed for the crowd at the Best Buy Theater.

Videos below!


[NY Daily News]

[the.LIFE Files]

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  • s mandisa

    Number 1: Dont none of them fans look-like her. Its pretty pathetic.

    Number 2: Her camel toe in that first picture is pretty remarkable.

    Number 3: Im tired of her in the Bride of Frankenstein wigs.

    Number 4: If Nicki is launching a really nice camera, perhaps Lil Kim will launch the newest Metro PCS ratchet-phone?

  • chelsea

    i agree with 1-4 ^^

  • ari

    wow, i think every last girl in the 1st picture, including nicki looks a hot mess. i love nicki, but i think she is really influeincing a style that not everybody, of every size can pull off. especially the 1st girl, with the gold leggings, i would NEVER….

    and nicki is not thick in these pictures, she’s getting F.A.T. so hell sumbody (meaning her stylist) needs to start adjusting her wardrobe fabrics toO. cuz if she gon be gettin in touch w/her hungry side,(and theres nothing wrong w/that) then she cant wear any/everything either.
    camera looks hot tho….smh

  • Candii_So_G

    Am I the only one that noticed that face she gave the interviewer in the first video when she asked about Beyonces album? lmao….she’s so cunty. I love her

  • Candii_So_G

    oh and @ari ….. if you look at recent pictures compared to older pictures of Nicki she has actually gotten smaller. I don’t see how you could say she is fat….she’s a tiny little person with a huge ass. I call hate. well backwards hate.

  • ari

    u didnt really read what i said. i said quote “and nicki is not thick IN THESE PICTURES” i dont think she’s always been fat, or gonna be fat. and even tho she has a tiny waist, look at those huge legs. her weight goes up and down. i’ve seen her and said “woah, is she healthy, she looks so tiny” and these were just sum pictures where i happen to go “woah, she looks huge”. but the point is, she is NOT “tiny” in THESE pictures. as a matter of fact, thats probaly why her pants are fitting her like that. because nicki hates camel toes, and if she could have dont something about it,she would have…

  • sacoco

    @ari <:O U did NOT just call Nicki Minaj fat she's like the smallest person if u meet her