Chris Brown Plans To Release Another Album In 6 Months

Kid Fury March 15, 2011 I Guess, Chile, Where The Peen At?, Why? 4 Comments

At last night’s album listening party in Los Angeles, Cack Brown announced that after F.A.M.E. drops on March 22nd, he plans to release a sequel to the album in the fall titled Fortune.

“That is the first part of the F.A.M.E album,” Brown told the crowd, which consisted mostly of Team Breezy street team members, after playing the album. “I’m coming out with another album six months later.” [Neon Limelight]

His current album is decent and everything, but two albums in one year doesn’t seem like a great idea. That wouldn’t give the first album proper time to grow, if you ask me. I say Yellow Cake should just upload some Xtube videos and hold the new CD off until 2012.

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  • FlyyMeng0Peach

    I see he’s trying to capitalize off that beautiful appendage shot we got a few days ago!

    Way to go Chris…

  • brittany

    the next one should be called Cack Brown

  • Mookie

    He was going to do a double album but I guess it was more cost effective to put them out at seperate times. I do agree with Fury, I think releasing next year say first or second quarter would be a better idea.

  • SimSimSalabim

    That child has a Buzz Lightyear chain on…I can’t with his simple ass today…