Lil Kim Explains The Roc Nation Rejection

In a recent interview with Rap-Up, Lil Kim spoke about her alleged deal with Roc Nation that fell through the cracks. Apparently she is currently shopping for deals and taking offers with the illustrious WorldStar Agency. Mediafire Records and Piggly Wiggly Entertainment denied involvement in Kimberly’s recording future.

You can catch Kim’s explanation below.

There were reports that you were signing with Roc Nation…
I did get offers from representatives from Roc Nation and I did get phone calls from representatives from Roc Nation. A couple representatives from Def Jam had also reached out to me. I think they’re both amazing companies and I think it would’ve been brilliant for me and Jay to collaborate and team up together. However it just didn’t pan out like that. Not to say that something with me and Jay can’t happen in the future, but I doubt if Jay-Z or Roc Nation will be a part of my upcoming album. He and I are really good friends. We both were excited about the idea of us collaborating and maybe me signing with Roc Nation. I think Jay-Z is letting me be Kim at this moment. I think he feels that I deserve to be Kim and also to have everything that… It’s hard for record companies to sign females these days and give them exactly what they want and need. I understand that. It’s a different world out there.

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  • Darian

    Really, kim….this species is really crazy, you expect us to believe you turned down a deal w/ Roc Nation to ship out Rewritable discs to be delivered by Fed-ex???? Once again “You need more people”… SMH

  • brittany

    she better sign with aftermath

  • Devyn Monique

    here goes kim again with her bullish!! if she dont let it GO!!

  • Bri

    Her face… I can not. Seriously.

  • CandiiSo_G

    girl please.

  • yadi

    girl…just stop…please

  • Misty Knight

    So not only has she jacked Detective Latoya’s swag, but her delusions of grandeur and declining coherency as well!?
    “She want it all a G..she-she want it all a G”

  • Shellbee

    Is this her graduation photo from Klown Kollege?

  • EmpressDivine

    Hell nawl Kid Fury!! LOL!! I scrolled down the screen too fast and thought I saw Michael Jackson. I got excited and clicked without thinking. Imagine my disappointment when my eyes refocused and realized this was a Lil Kim story! O well headed to the red X now….

  • tijarah08

    I may have to ride with Kim on this one, if Jay can sign that non-singing girl from the UK anything is possible

  • Gorgeous_Songz

    Lying ass.

  • natalie

    Girl please, we all know Jay-Z wouldn’t stick his big ole lips 10 miles from Kim. He ain’t no fool!

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  • ang

    CH im not buying it, hell i aint even order that pile of shit, so send back to sender cause i dont want! who is she trying to fool!! once again, everyone in her damn camp needs to be fuckin fired… AGAIN!

  • bdimplesntex

    omg my 1st reaction was to chuckle hearty when i saw her face. if she wants ppl to take her seriously she has got to do something with her face. put a warning sign up or something.

  • candy

    Has anyone received the mixtape yet?

  • TamTam

    Sounds kinda like Ciara’s lame-ass excuse.
    LOL, Kid those are the exact tags I would have filed this under.

  • TamTam

    What’s with this weird square head that keeps coming up next to my comments; we never had to have a pic before. Oh well, I guess that’s the face I’m making most of the time.

  • JAYE

    Ok girl. He couldn’t sign you b/c he was too busy telling artists about Nicki. Or did you forget that he was a major part in her blowing up?

  • Alicia

    She’s our Charlie Sheen.

  • Tom Brokoff