We’re Living In Our Last Days

I can’t tell you how many people sent me this video yesterday and I’m really hurt by that — I thought y’all loved me. Assuming that you folk wanted me to share this with the rest of the blessed people who have yet to witness it, here goes some bizarre rendition to Urkel’s jig. Praise the mighty name of Jesus!

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  • Glenn the Great

    This can’t be life.

  • S.Denise

    ō_ó I was scared shitless when he started laughing. This video will haunt me in my dreams & I was already having trouble sleeping.

  • CandiiSo_G

    wait…what….I don’t ge…I. .. lawd.

  • Camstarr

    Its tha Chippen-FAIL bowtie lost in his fat…I CANT.

  • Nolachic

    Am I the only person that sees a human version of that fat kid off of the Cleveland show?

  • yadi

    what exactly is this…i need answers

  • tnchick

    oh my jesus…i don’t know what else to say but oh my jesus.

  • Kandi

    This feeling that I have is a feeling only blue bell can fix. *sigh*

  • Maggie

    What the shit was that?! Where do people find this stuff? LOL! APB is out on that guy’s neck, btdubs. :D

  • Nyota

    this can’t be real life

  • ObnoxiousSkank

    Why did I feel an acute sense of DANGER when he turned around.

  • TamTam

    This is the first ever video that I CANNOT click on. I just cant bring myself to do it.

  • bdimplesntex

    kid??? i thought u loved us…what was that? elite fuckery indeed sir!

  • Shellbee

    I hate the internet. I just hate it. *deep sigh*

  • Synethia

    Wow two words diet and exercise.

  • JAYE

    this video is not cut from the cloth…

  • ogosh

    Jesus take the wheel.

  • natalie

    I am seriously frightened. Honestly Fury, what did we do to you?

  • EmberRose89

    …..I was gonna write it a pass because I figured it was a kid but that’s a grown ass man.

    I have no words.

  • THE702DIVA

    Thank the Good Lord I wasn’t wearing my glasses and can’t really see clearly!!

  • Christian Demeritt

    Welp, that’s enough internet for me for the day…..better yet I’m officially on a  week-long internet fast…. * logging off *

  • LovelyGal

    ……….like i just DON’T KNOW wtf just happened.

  • LovelyGal

    ……….like i just DON’T KNOW wtf just happened.

  • Anonymous

    :-O … *walks away scared for my life*