Caption This!

Kid Fury December 8, 2010 Caption This!, Ch..... 37 Comments

Please fill in the blank in this man brain. Don’t be troubled if you can’t think of anything, I’m sure he was just as confused as I am. Shouts to @itz_genie for the pic.

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  • CourtneyAnn

    “Oh Na Na, Wtf is that?” “Oh na na, are you on crack?” hahaha…but knowing me…i prolli would have said it.

  • BlessedRebel

    “Hmm….which miracle, I mean make-up, should I use… Gosh, this is gonna take awhile.”


    Let us bow….

    Dear Lord & Baby Jesus,
    Please give me the strength & courage to do something with this mess. I don’t think Obama Beauty Supply has ANY more Kool-Aid packets so we got freestyle. Thank you, Amen.

  • robo3k

    Jesus, Ronald McDonald really wasn’t playin’ when he said he was gonna get his hair back.

  • ashleigh.

    “I thought I was doing Rihanna’s makeup, not a little Latin boy in drag.”

  • Eve~

    “Dance your cares away/ Worries for another day/ Let the music play/
    Down at Fraggle Rock!”

  • kasey

    “how do i explain to her that i can’t fix this montrasity” damn she look like we need to send her some coins lol. hell naw. this bitch look like an unstruck match…

  • whitgreen

    “Oh goodness. How am I supposed to style this when I can’t even look her in the eye? And the fact that 93% of what was on her head at one point is now on the floor crawling away from us as we speak ain’ helpin’ my concentration either. Damn my job.”

  • Nik

    “For only 2 dollars a day, you can keep this Barbadian goat-human splice from bein beat and eventually butchered and eaten at a Brown Family cookout.”

  • chelsea

    “aint THIS the exact reason i stopped doin hair and make up for the cast of the color purple!”

  • Septembers Virgo

    “Come on, Back to Rehab…”
    Wait! Is that a red wig on the other side of Rih?!?!

  • Lydia

    Damn bitch I’m a make-up artist not your producer. I can’t create miracles.

  • Mister McFly

    “they said i was gonna style rihanna, instead they bring me Kid from Kid & Play. the hell am i supposed to do with this!?”

  • http://iluluonline/ iLuLuOnline

    he’s thinking FML the shit I gotta do for a paycheck

  • Jencendiary

    For colorists who have considered suicide when the Sally’s Beauty Supply is not enuf.

  • Trifling Tramp

    “Try not to laugh, Try not to laugh, Try not to laugh…Laaawd! GIVE ME STRENGTH!”

  • iNsane

    You guys don’t get it. This man is obviously speechless, he looks like he’s about to either start sobbing &/OR wait for his cell phone to ring so that Morpheus can tell his ass the quickest route to safety. or he could be thinking “i gotta get my life together”

  • Jjmckey

    “Lord give me strength to pull this miracle.. Amen”

  • yadi

    @Eve, i know, right! all was right with the world when Fraggle rock was on.

  • itsnecole

    “She better be glad my light bill is due.”

  • Subec

    This Antoine Dobson sh*t is getting out of hand!

  • urbansocialite

    Rihanna?!?… Really?… Girrrl… Really?

  • lisa

    oh my, dis bitch really does look like cousin It!!

  • The702Diva

    I can’t even think of anthing for laughing my ass of at these comments!! Whew…*wipes tears*

  • Dwayne

    “Why does this bitch look like a used Marker?”

  • Dwayne

    “DAMN!!! Now I see why Chris punched you. Your real face is Scary as hell!!”

  • Dwayne

    “I don’t get payed enough for this shit”

    “I’m a makeup artist not a social worker”

    “Hmmm….wheres the shit I used on Tyra?”

    “Where is my hogwarts manual? its gonna take more than some makeup and flat irons on this bitch!”

    “All the fuss over this bitch and this is what she REALLY looks like. SMH!!!”

    “I’m scared to look at her I may turn to stone”

  • blessthechild

    I gotta do this shit everyday, I must do lines.

    My momma told me it’ll be days like this, but damn!!!

  • Brianne

    @Jencendiary Your’s made me laugh the most! =)

  • Anonymous

    She looks almost as bad as she sounds.

  • EmpressDivine

    I don’t have a comment for the thought bubble but I do have a comment for the world.


    She looks like she got beat on again tho. Maybe that’s what homeboy is doing. He’s a detective coming to take her statement. Damn you Chris Brown! Keep your hands to yourself!

  • michel

    Thia man needs a raise… He making miracles happen

  • RobinTinnicsha

    “Oh in the hell naw! This bih looking like one of Frankie’s 10000+ long lost offspring, welp ‘on to the next one’..”


    No caption but….

    WHY does she look like a light skinned Ray J…?? With a red patch of hair, of course.

  • ang

    hes thinking either ” FUCK YOU SCARE TACTICS HAHAHAH, you got me!”
    or …
    ” im onto you ashton so get yo happy white ass out here and tell me im being pranked…. please”

  • spilledtea

    “come along raggedy ann”

  • desi1011

    if she says oh nah nah one more time i’ma strangle her ass wit this bozo the clown wig and those rubberbands she had around her thighs in the video…