Beyonce: The Comic Book (Preview)

Kid Fury November 5, 2010 Memoirs of a Creole 16 Comments

The fact that Beyoncé looks like Sabrina The Teenage Creole…sorry, I’m just not gonna be able to do it. Bluewater Comics, who also created the Fame: Lady Gaga comic, have wrapped up a new 32-page comic book based on the entire life of The Royal Sweet Baby Giselle Carter of Gates.

Stans will surely have this thing flying off the racks, but I’d rather read a late night Denny’s menu. You can find more info with my cyber-sister Fresh at Crunk & Disorderly.

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  • M.J.

    What is this? I can’t even…

  • Whos_Bad

    ……………. The people that draw charicatures in Disney world can do a better job than that…. and Jay-Z with a gap in between his front teeth….just no….

  • lele

    Harpo…who dis woman?

  • Delmar

    I concur. This is a bad BAD ‘effort’, but her fans will love it, so :) XMAS Gifts to all! :P

  • slim

    what kinda dream is this?

  • LuckyApple

    why does she look so….stank?

  • misha

    I wanna know who’s the Latina woman on the cover of this comic book. Is that supposed to be JAY Z??!!! WTF happened to his bell pepper nose and camel lips?? Is that supposed to be Puffy?? My friend said that it looks like R. Kelly. Is that Jessica Alba on the cover?? I can’t!!!
    *logs the fuck off!!*

  • Mark

    If they’d at least paid someone to make pretty pictures that would’ve been one thing, but this looks like a Burger King place mat from the 90s.

    It’s not like there’s a shortage of starving gay comic artists, either. This could have been made nice for not a lot of cash.

  • Adriansoreal

    i don’t quite understand why jaime foxx, jennifer lopez, and courtney love are on the cover of a comic for beyonce….this is pure garbage. there are people in high school art class that could put in a better effort than this….and i agree about the burger king place mat….

  • ang

    beyonce cant do every fucking thing. as an avid comic book reader, this is a fucking mess on all levels. wat type of storyline is there suppose to be…. im disgusted ultimately, plz go take your seat again

  • Alicia C.

    It’s the Twilight graphic novel all over again. I’ll be sure to ignore this one.

  • Jencendiary

    @ang – Let’s just all thank baby Jesus Reginald Hudlin didn’t fuck this up like he fucked up Black Panther.

  • http://! Jaleesa

    Why she so buff?
    And since when did Jay-Z have a gap?

  • phillyphilly

    just because its Beyonce dont make it right.this is a balled up mess

  • Deezee

    Lmao! I know I’m wrong but at first glance I thought that was Eddie Winslow, from Family Matters instead of Jay Z.


    LOL… Am I the only one who thinks that looks like ex- G unit member Olivia???