Ciara Pushes Album Back…Again!

Kid Fury October 13, 2010 Sonic Boom! 12 Comments

Those of you who really thought Ciara was releasing her album on November 30th (the same day as Keri Hilson), were bamboozled yet again. The dancer announced on Ustream last night that Basic InStank will be in stores on December 14th instead. Who didn’t see that coming?

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  • iLuLuOnline

    you know….maybe we should just scrap this album and start over cici. Someone call me when she actually drops the damn thing…hopefully I’ll still give a damn
    Besides with Willow and Queen B and lil RiRi all about to drop albums she’ll just have to push it back to 2012

  • Tasha

    Ciara said two dates, August 17th/December 14th. If you follow her on twitter then you know that she would always say “stop believing all these dates because they haven’t come from my mouth”. By the way Keri confirmed on her ustream last week that she’s not coming out November 30th and doesn’t know where people got that from. She said she’s coming out either late December or early 2011.

  • iLuLuOnline

    err ciara also said that basic instinct is a mixtape not an album…I’m tired of all these damn mixed signals from her…either put out or shut up!

  • mrmister

    Ciara also said the sun is on the other side of the moon…and that she meant to put out 3 singles before announcing a release date and that Mama I wanna sing will be out in theaters before christmas…CHILE PLEASE!!!!! I’m sick of Ciara fans who wanna go to war with people over her basic ass. SHE DON’T SELL NO GODDAMN RECORDS!!!HER SHIT GET PUSHED BACK ON THE REGULAR!!! My basic instinct is telling me this shit won’t be out until May 2011

  • mrmister

    and Que in that pic just almost made me spit out my soda LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

  • iLuLuOnline

    AMEN @mrmister on all points lol

  • GG

    Thats one bad ass lace front tho

  • ang

    girl this don effect me none, cause i wasnt gona even try to buy or even download for free…

  • C.Joi

    I’d just like to announce that Willow Smith just decided to randomly follow on me Twitter. Ciara is officially forgotten about.

  • C.Joi

    follow me on*

  • CandiiSo_G

    Dear Ciara,

    Girl, BYE.


  • Bri

    LMAO@CandiiSo_G. However, I still have faith in Ciara. I’m hoping for a Goodies pt. 2 album because everything after that went from ok to horrible. Smh.