So, R. Kelly and that girl from BET who slept with LisaRaye’s husband were shaking ass and shit in Chicago this past weekend, and at some point this happened. I don’t know how this mystery woman managed to get her Stanley Steemer so close to Robert’s nostrils, but frankly I’m disgusted. Not because she’s making the singer sniff her fish box — I’m sick at that horrible ass outfit she’s displaying. Pay attention, ladies! This is something you don’t wear to the club, unless you’re out of cash advance sources and have resorted to giving sucky in the bathroom to keep your lights on.

Fuckery experienced at Necole Bitchie!

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  • Nyota

    What the hell

  • Wellnessprepared


  • Sweet Tea

    I smell FISH!!!

  • MzVirgo

    Why do I have the sudden urge to wipe my screen down with antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer?

  • I Am Your People

    She’s about as subtle as R. Kelly’s lyrics

  • Ms. Cherry

    No lie… I just bought those leggings on Monday. I’m planning on wearing them UNDER a pair of shorts but while trying them on in the dressing room I knew some evilness like this was bound to happen. Damn you Forever 21… “Fueling Fuckery for ___ years!”

  • nene

    i’m gonna piss on you yes i do i piss on you i’ll pee on uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • ColdCharge

    That ain’t fish, that’s whale box right there O_O