Bad Weaves & Hoodrat Dreams!

New Kid Fury videos, children! I’m sure most of you watched this last night, but in case you missed my alcohol-influenced fuckery tale, I’m leaving this here for you to get your life. Share my world!

I have lots of things in the works, but please feel free to leave comments on what you think I should be talking about on Madame Youtube.

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  • tragic

    this video gave me life! it was like a audiobook. you took me in that club!!! chile……can you NOT record ? you do have a iphone kidfury. lol 1:44 is my new gif for everything! *falls off chair-kid fury style*

  • I Am Your People

    I am SOOOOOOO upset I didn’t see a pole dancing contest where a lacefront is a prize. And singing “Tell Me” at the end? iLIIIIIIIVE!!!

  • deda

    I have come to realize…(in intervention voice) that I LOVE you kid fury :)

  • Deeva

    I love your vid’s sooo much!!! & U TOO! but could you please do a vid on rappers & tattoo’s specially Rick Ross i wanna know who picked up his man boobs to complete the job!

  • Lizzle

    wow, two true blood references in a week?! nice.

    and YASSSSS it’s always nice to see genuine wratchedness live (without it devolving into shots fired)

    “on these pills like fantasia” you wrong for that one….but i still laughed!!!!

  • Skeptical at Best

    Two things you need to know about this video

    1. Fury falling off the chair

    2. Fantasia pill joke

    But still watch it. I’m about to watch it for a fourth time. Can’t get enough.

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  • sugar honey iced T

    only drunks insist they aren’t drunk at the time…and then cop to it later on *ahem to your video caption* but i still love you boo
    because you brighten my life with your magic… i’m gonna have to visit miami one day and get you loose off patron.

  • LeMambaNoir

    I have been in the SHITTIEST of moods the past few days and this video brought tears to my eyes. The best fuckin pick-me-up….lol hilarious.

  • Taj

    Bitch, you had something to drink. :)

  • KitaKita

    Jesus be a fence all around me!!! My life has been extended for a few more moments. ( I SURE I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!)

  • M. Marie Mendenhall

    This video is hilarious and Kid Fury (one R) has done it again. I discovered his website about 2 months ago. I was looking on the internet for articles on Kat Stacks. I am taking a graduate class on ‘Social Problems’. She is definetly a social problem. However, when I saw his video I turned in my assignment late. I was stuck on his website for hours laughing my ass off. Anyway, thanks Kid Fury, not Furry. Love ya much, Marie.

    Twitter Screen name: Anastasiatiti