Now this is a real heavy pussy! Are you paying attention?!

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  • sunshyne84

    lawd!! yep that’s definitely a heavy pussy

  • Nicole B

    FACE! I GIVE FACE! Bitch is workingggg it. But we didn’t discuss the tragedy that is the shoe game.

    Peep toe house shoes? What?

  • ByeFelecia

    I have greek friends, so I will refrain from commenting because ther are too many references sitting high up in this putty tat!

  • http://N/A Divine

    To funny! I love Geisha’s song Walk’n Wit Dis Pussy! “Fiyah!” I also love the fact that he is posing in a grocery store! Love it!

  • MsTrendy

    LOL you a fool this. To funny.

  • creolatina

    Welcome back love, now jump out of a window for not having this personification of fierce entire photo session , cause I know she turned out on every isle.

  • zay

    1 Chop!

  • Gorgouse_Songz

    Oh He Is Serving Hunnty.But Them Damn Easter Shoe’s Got To Go.

  • dee

    this just hurts!

  • maymajesty


  • nikkie riegn

    army is gonna be a real big trend this fall so cudos to him for stayin a head of the curb.
    on a next note though he needs to through them slippers to the curb

  • That_Mikifiki

    Is that Derek J???

    • Belmoo