These elder female MCs are going through it. iCant!

Last night our big sis in Christ, Foxy Brown, hit the stage at B.B. King’s Bar & Grill in NYC looking like a used condom stuck under Rick Ross’ mattress. Her hair is ratchet, her thighs are rubbing like alcohol, her breasts are overflowing from that outfit, the woman behind her is over it…there was clearly a lot going on.

I still love this woman. At least she made certain that her panties and her fingernail polish matched. We have to give credit where it is due, don’t we?

My girl Karen Civil has all the tea from last night’s show.

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  • WhoaLando

    Word on the curb is she tried to come for Miss Minaj. Inga better turn her hearing aid up, cause i KNOW someone told her that outfit wasn’t the biz. Not in 2010!

  • hiphopmuse

    I love Foxy…but this makes me sad. She really needs to do better. Matching the panties to the fingernail polish tho? For real? SMH

  • shorty spice

    Ill Na Na…more like Ill Fitting. I don’t know why peole insist on squeezing themselves into clothes that are obviously too small. How the heck are the sides of your skirt longer than the front?

  • DivaLaBoom

    Where is her stylist??? Or is she too ‘real’ for that?? I love her, but she looks like she needs prayer. Did she really wear this??? Omg nooooooo more!!!!!! :(

  • zillz

    motorboat the whole body!

    i love you Foxy!

  • JoshZilla

    I’m still dying inside from what Michael K. of Dlisted said about Foxxy. He said she looked like a ground beef empanada that’s been microwaved too long. That basically describes that whole outfit. The look on her purse holder in the background is priceless.

  • mrsjefferson

    I love Foxy but I chose to remember her from 1996 because 2010 Foxy I ain’t fucking with that bitch.

  • Kandi

    wait is this bitch behind her wearing her son’s white tee as a dress. Lawd Jesus take me now!

  • maymajesty

    Eww No No is more like it. She looks like an exploded baseball mitt. I refuuuuuuse *in Khia voice*

  • MzVirgo

    I know that the neighbor was traumatized when Foxy mooned her and told her to kiss her azz. She needs “Celebrity Fit Club” desperately.

  • ByeFelecia

    Paging Remy Ma to the nurses station, paging Remy Ma to the nurses station!

  • yadi

    ditto @msjefferson

    fox boogie, chill out with the ‘comeback’ until u are truly prepared. please, and thank u!

    you shame me, you shame yourself game proper.

  • yadi

    that being said, i think i’ll take fat, snaggle-tooth foxy over batman’s nemesis (wait for it) formerly known as lil kim any day.

  • Mz. J

    Are those saddle bags on each side? Is that her mane flowing down her back? *snaps finger* I got it! It’s a horse!

  • C.Joi

    needless to say she’s undergone a quite a disturbing transition. Foxy’s looking Wolfy nowadays…SMH

  • Seven Duece

    She needs to just start taking night classes.

  • GG

    I don’t understand why people don’t wear the sizes they actually fit into.

  • RobinTinnicsha

    Foxy…Take it back! ALL THE WAY BACK!….

  • ColdCharge

    she look like ol’ weatherbeaten leather