My brothers and sisters, between this treacherous new job of mine, the heartbreaking events in Haiti, and the passing of Teddy Pendergrass, there was not much for me to smile about yesterday…until MC General L. Platty dropped the hottest new single to rock the nursing home — Pants on the Ground! He is delivering gallons of hot fuckery and baskets of joy right on time!

Hey, don’t let the D-Boy outfit and the Jersey Shore dance moves fool you! There is a message in this hit record: You’re looking like a fool with your pants on the ground! What is taking so long for Lil’ Wayne to sign this man to Young Money? Drake could never!

I only pray that Andre 3000 jumps on a remix!

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  • Liss

    Man I love this man! hahaha Good to see you back

  • Fearless

    Well Kid, Wayne probably has a new label in the works for this guy… Old Money. LOL

  • Babygirlja

    Oh how I’ve missed you Fury. I see you channeling your inner Queen Creole LOL.

    All this song needs is a verse from Nicki Minaj and it’s a hit.

  • you know it

    Fury u need to stop

  • jhgh

    this has been posted by every blogger in existence. like, the night of or morning after.

    bitch, youre late. why bother?

  • nani

    Then why r u being so fucking salty then? Get tha fuck outta here and off of kid fury’s balls bitch!!! This remix is funny as hell. esp@ the end. You’s a fool 4 this 1 kid

  • bettyboopbbw69

    Wow I didn’t know there were people out there that were omnipotent to even know that EVERY blogger has posted this. WOW… it is so nice to be in the presence of someone so powerful.

    (side eye)

    (sips tea)

  • bettyboopbbw69

    Oh and Fury… I bit my tung while laughing so hard at you and your dance steps….WHEW. I need a tetanus shot.

  • Caress Lepore

    Your dancing gave me life.

  • V.I.P. JiGGa

    I know you busy with your new job and all, but you are letting to much fuckery pass on w/o your commentary. GET TO YOUR REAL JOB! WE NEED FURY!