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Kid Fury December 17, 2009 You Said It...Not Me 6 Comments

–  Walk in the spirit, then shake the devil off, shake-shake the devil off!  [The Cynical Ones]

–  Rosa Acosta lets it all hang out on the cover of KING’s relaunch issue! [TheFoxxFiles]

–  Mariah needs to be “obsessed” with a vocal coach and/or a cup of tea. [Tha Feedback]

–  Bookmark my friend in fuckery and her blog where you can actually read! [Latarian's AuPair]

–  Lil’ Creole Pimp snatches the wig off Kimora and her family portrait. [Creole Pimp Chronicles]

–  If you are not familiar with Jared Shuler, slap yourself and get educated! [His Daily Variety]

–  Some people do not deserve their Facebook privileges! [Elegant Ignance]

–  Some chick named Snooki of Jersey Shore gets fired for wanting to be famous! [Loose Neck]

–  J Danielle is “Ready for Butt” and I smell a hit! Susan Boyle, girl move! [(not)Happy About This]

–  A drunk cross-dressing 4-year old gets his life in the streets and steals Christmas gifts! Chile, YES! [Hell And Heartaches]

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  • Lil’ Creole Pimp

    I can feel them AdSense dollars right now! You my nigga.

  • Kid Fury


  • Crissle

    I’m finna go to Popeye’s and dedicate my three piece to you.

  • Greens N Cornbread

    SOOoooooooooooooooo MUCH 2 sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • Likkle Miss

    YASSSSSS! I made it up out the hood, who goin’ check me boo?!

  • Ignats82

    Am I the only one who is strangely reminded of Sweating the the Oldies when I look at this video? I mean we have a guy with a strange expression and questionable dance skills, people dressed completely wrong for dancing, and then we have lame ass music going in the background.

    Someone is getting sued tomorrow.