When you all figure it out, let me know. I didn’t watch more than 32 seconds. Blame Agent007GC for leaving this on my doorstep.

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  • Brown Suga

    They Holy Spirit was holding me up so I was able to watch about 2 minutes.

    I dont know what to say :(

  • Fallyfal

    WTH??? What is going on here…M&M? Is that you??

  • i’m givin’ the christian sidehug an agnostic side eye right now…

  • filthycharm

    I made it through the whole thing because I can do all things through the Tappahannock Warrior that strengthens me during our weekly judo lessons. But I digress. I think they took the slogan “Jesus Is My Homeboy” a little too seriously.

  • Safiya

    I couldnt.. I made it through 45secs before cutting it clean off. I tried, believe me, I did. I would like to see tomorrow and if I watch it past a minute I think I’ll most likely delete my sanity, throw up the dueces and have my peoples Bury Me a G.

  • Evil Kinegro

    I made it… I can’t believe I made it through.
    And I so wish I hadn’t. It’s been a long time since a video left me speechless.
    I blame all of you.