Push your breasts up!

Until Da Brat gets home, you lovely gals have Young Melo to munch your carpets. Introduce yourselves! She is here to bring sexy back — and that’s a fact! Honestly, I was a little worried about her respiratory condition when I watched this. Homegirl sounded like she was craving a honey baked ham and a shot of oxygen. Anyway, I’m proud to say I made it through 57 entire seconds of this video and you can thank Domishauntel for sending it in.

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  • DomiShauntel

    Ur welcome! Check me out! Yall ain’t ready anyways! lol

  • Beyonce’s english Tutor

    I can’t. Not now…

  • DoubbleR

    Yeah…u did better than me. I could only make it to 41 sec. I died somwhere around “I’m not that big….its just the clothes.”

  • AJ

    Uh yeah.

    Donnie McClurkin and them crazy COGIC people could use this chick cause she just turned me straight.

    *runs to set fire to my rainbow flag*

  • tracey

    did she say HATERS?? did she say SEXY LADIES??? um, I did like the iron wrought shelf in the b’room……….omg…SHE/I’m sorry, maybe he/I’m confused COULD NOT HAVE BEEN SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dayum, how do I change the font size 2 100???!!!!

  • BkKid1218

    Can we have a “you know what I’m sayin’ count?

  • misha

    what the fuck is that?!

  • ME

    (Rev. Leon Lonnie Love from Martin) DAMN NIT MINE EYES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ST.Da.ObViE

    #8 said it all.

  • Karamo’s Forehead

    You just don’t like us, huh Kid? Cuz that? That was just hateful. Plain and simple.

  • Niki

    *gags* Welp, there goes my appetite for Thanksgiving. You ain’t shit for this Fury!!!

  • DaBest_Brigitte

    WHAT IN DEE HELL..?In sommore voice*Bitch lez me lone… I got a man*

  • DaBest_Brigitte

    Im jus so gone with My race and their youtube homemade video fuckeries…now all we need is elite(kc sister) in the background singin wit her hands on her bare titays and gucci mane come in with his shirt off and start rappin his chorus in * I TAKE MY SHIRT OFF AND THE HOEZ STOP BREATHING!* ALL-STAR FUCKERY COLLABO

  • MzVirgo

    I’m mad that his titties are bigger than mine LOL. I’m even more mad that I couldn’t figure out whether it was a man or a woman. And finally, he/she looks like “Mysterious” from “Making the Band”.

  • Tiara

    I..dont…feel well. I….got tired…and out of breath tryna breathe for this hoe. What was the point of this video and why..OH WHY…Did she feel the need to showcase the soap she was washing with. And unless she’s wearing a bad body suit it’s her, not the clothes!

  • S

    oh lawd 1:30-1:34 had me dying talkin bout “look at that face” and all you hear in the background is that heavy breaving! god and when she said “im not fat,,its just the clothes” a lil part of me died on the inside!!

    && did yall notice the random ass pillows in the bathroom? why she had them thangs on top of the toilet and stapled to the damn wall?!?!!!


    I cant.

  • pslovemorgan

    i tried not to laugh cuz that shit was so damn wrong.. but i couldnt help it after a while.. i thought it was a nigga to start this shit off.. then i found out it wasnt.. i couldnt help my self.. i need prayer.. :( lmao

  • babygirlja

    This isn’t safe for life

  • PB

    kenan thompson play too much.

  • T.Obia

    …bless ..her..heart. Truly.

  • Cha Cha Cookie

    See kid…now it is marked Private and I can’t even watch it! Well, it is prolly for da best

  • Crickets R. Chirpin

    I was completely unaware that they make olive oil hair spray sheen in the lifetime supply size.

  • Safiya

    PB said Kenan Thompson. *PERISHES*