Beauty & The Beast!

The lovely and ferociously fierce B. Scott just dropped his latest interview with the thing that goes “BUMP, SCRATCH, KERPLUNK!” in the night — Tameka Raymond! They discussed her new non-profit, rumors of her castrating Usher, and Rihanna’s ass-whooping! She claims to be misunderstood and that she’s actually a real gem. Bless her heart!

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  • Anika

    LOL! The twice divorced person saying she doesn’t believe in divorce. OK.

  • niecie

    I just don’t understand how you want to put all your business on Twitter, claim you not really talking about you, and then get annoyed when people wanna know details. If you want everything to be personal. STOP POSTING IT!! Geez, what a way to remain relevant. I wanted B. to ask her “well bitch what DO you know?”

  • MeMe

    I swear i hate this woman!!!! she so fucking ignorant!!!! who says they wont change their last name because of her children when she has children from previous marriages WITH DIFFERENT NAMES!!!!! She just so damn ugly and needs to shut the hell up!!