Video: Rihanna – Russian Roulette

Rihanna Mae Bullock is blowing deadly smoke in the air with the “Russian Roulette” video. She even takes some time to roll on the river! Anyway, the video doesn’t exactly make me love the song, but it is cute…in a bloody, suicidal, Basic Instinct sort of way. Check it out for yourself.

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  • hiphopmuse

    This video is darksided. And I still think Rihanna tries too hard to be edgy.

  • hmm

    *shoots myself in the head*

  • babygirlja

    Girl you so edgy

  • ChinyereCouture

    the Good Lord does not want me to expose my eyes to this guaranteed “darksided”-ness.
    so imma just turn on my heel, walk on over to the Church of God in Christ folks, and bask in the light of sweet Jesus.

  • Brown Suga

    We cant watch but we can watch gaga set somebody on fire with her titties?

  • Jordan

    @Brown Suga: I was thinkin the same shit. that video was scary, with them damn bubble eyes. Gaga tries too hard to be edgy, I don’t see what the big deal is?

  • LadyR

    ::blank stare::

  • russian roulette rihanna

    she looks beautiful but the video is a lil bit to dramatic for me, but hey whatever lol,

  • Misty Knight

    “this video has all kinds of paranormal activity join me Prophetess Evans and Omarions prayer circle”.
    I forgot who wrote that but the shyt still gets me lMAO!

  • Niki

    Seeing this just a couple days after the Gaga video leads me to one conclusion…WE NEED MORE TALENT!!!! Christ, Marilyn Manson is managing a Denny’s somewhere mad as hell right now that these chicks are stealing his shine. I’m not going to even mention the outrage Grace Jones is in.

  • you know it

    bitch needs serious help! She can’t hope to help women(being a voice against abuse) by putting out this garbage as well. Her album will bomb, she stupid as hell.

  • tiffany
  • MrsJefferson

    This is fire!!! For those of you who think not, please produce a video for the song that you think will better compliment it. If you can sit and bop to Thriller (don’t tell me you forgot “they” said it was devil music) then you can shut up or change your channel when it comes on. Thank You.