It’s not very often that I use a post for anything other than belittling the privileged and famous, but since the web is a’rattling with blogger controversy, I thought I’d try to lend a helping hand — Kid Fury’s Top 5 Tips on How To Avoid Blog Beef! For the record, this is no shade to any bloggers. I love all of you and I am simply doing this for the past, present, and future. Now grab a pad and pen.

1. Realize that you are a blogger and NOT Beyoncé, Jay-Z, or Obama!
When bloggers start to tickle their own bussies and think they are celebrities, tragedy is surely soon to follow. Bitch, you post nonsense on the Internet just like the rest of us. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see hardworking bloggers do it big in the industry, but big, wide, strong egos can cause problems. Save that for the Creole brigade.

2. Worry about your own damn domain!
Wanna know how I avoid a lot of blog wars? I stay on sofurious.motherfuckingcom! Sure, I make stops at lots of other blogs, but what they do on their side of the neighborhood is their own damn business. I’m not going to tell you how to run your site and nobody should tell me how to run mine. When I’m on South Beach and I see niggas selling coke out of their trunk, I look the other way and keep walking — it’s none of my business and I don’t wanna get shot. Same here.

3. Don’t let jealousy and/or hating ass hoes consume you.
Anybody else remember when VIBE Magazine did their Top 50 Rap Blogs feature and all Twitter hell broke loose? Most of it was fueled by jealousy and hate, like blog beef usually is. Nobody has time for that 7th grade shit. Instead of being angry with the next Internet warrior, congratulate them on their shine and/or repeat tip #2! There are enough ad revenue coins on here for everybody. If you wanna be mad at someone, be mad at the banks that have all your damn money, but still send you letters asking for more with interest.

4. Support other bloggers!
This one especially goes out to the blog titans. Help some of the smaller up-and-coming blogs get some spotlight. Lord knows half of you steal their shit anyway. Give a bitch a link-back! Shout somebody out every now and then! Click on ads! Maybe even let someone do a guest post! Don’t be one of the ugly girls and boys in the club rolling their eyes at everybody else on the dance floor. It’s tacky. We are all in this together.

5. Get Becky…and maybe some Johnson.
When all else fails, get laid. I believe some of you need a good roll in the sack to calm your nerves. If you’re still heated after that, seek professional help, because ain’t shit I can do for you.

That’s all, kids. Again, I love all my fellow bloggers, so let us unite in the name of fuckery and save the anger for Jehovah’s Witness.

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  • Michelle

    well said…now how about a post on twitter beefs cause the video girl and ‘actress” had my timeline filled lastnight

  • sunshyne84


  • Bahama

    they world would so be a better place if everyone got laid all the time. Really….all u needed was number 5 lmaoo


  • KiKi

    I couldn’t agree more. And #5 made me These mofos are getting beside themselves.

  • birdie

    WAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA. Well f*cking said! *highfive*

  • Martini

    I swear you spoketh the TROOF! Kudos, Kudos.

  • ari

    yep and def numba #5 *two thumbs up*

  • Fresh


  • laydgodiva

    love it! love it! love it!!! well saind and put. end of discussion.

  • you know it

    Fury….chile yo time be coming. It sho will. Time to click on this ad on the right

  • latarians au pair

    i heart #4!! but anyhoe…”tickle their own bussies”- u know i luh u boi!!!

  • Kid Fury

    I love ya’ll! LOL!

  • jusme

    this reminds me…one year at Christmas, we were all singin’ and swingin’ and getting merry…(read: chillin’ on the couch after a wonderful meal) when all of a sudden, the doorbell rang, mother opens the door, just knowing it is a relative showing up late…lo and behold, it was the Jehova’s Witness! Mom’s went off! ”
    just because YOU don’t believe, you have NO RIGHT coming to MY door, interupting my day!!!”…and she is, for the record, a Christian, but we did have to hold her back! funniest thing…just thought i’d share

  • hiphopmuse

    Good post, Kid! I’m glad someone put this out there! I’m about to tweet this.

  • MissThang09

    Let the church say aaaaamannn……thank u fa puttin dat out cuz des twit ppl and blog bitches is a trip……fuc dat tongue wrestlin …..if u aint got ya hands on deck den put ur hand over ur mouth and shut da fuc up and of course erryone needs a good dick….*or pussy* in ur life sumtimes…..geeesh

  • Endya

    email this to Gremlin’s twin sister(?) Sandra Rose and wide mouth Necole Bitchie.

  • Singledoutjdan

    Love these tips. Part of the reason I couldn’t do a celebrity blog is b/c I would be too tempted to put pics of myself all over the place, and if you market yourself and get a lil celebrity you can’t get mad when the other bloggers treat you like a celeb and start posting stuff about you and talking mess. This twitter/blogger beef has been very messy, and I have enjoyed it all from my side of the neighborhood lmao

  • grafittix

    A-MEN!! I just saw a long ass two screen long whine by one blogger *mentioned above* about another blogger *mentioned above* hating on her and was like Bitch, grow up and keep it moving!

  • Quick

    This is like the blogger bill of rights or something!

  • luveymonroe

    As blogger you know you made it when other blogs make post about you. We’re coming in a new time soon their will be no magazines and the blogs will be all people read. I can see why people can get mad but that just means step your game up. But I think you forgot one bloggers need to stop Plagiarizing it annoys the hell out of me.

  • Stephanie

    I love this Blog and you are so real and funny keep up the good work. I hope I can get the same success with my Blog

  • Chry5ta1 (MG)

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!!!!

  • JustMelody

    *waves church fan* PREACH!

  • MzVirgo

    Great post, as always, Fury. I do agree, people don’t credit the source. That’s what also starts blog beef. Along with attacking the owner of the site.

    Long live the Fury!

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  • Tiarra


  • maliasasha

    I really enjoy your sense of humor and you view of situations is right on point. I don’t go to half the blog sites I used to because people have become “puffed up” in their own minds. I will continue to return to this site because it is sensible, funny and fun. Good Job!!

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  • Jem

    AMEN to that, Fury! And with that said… support our blog too!

    Haa! Love your site!

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