New Blueprint 3 Music

Kid Fury August 7, 2008 A Little Something Good 4 Comments

Hov joined Kanye West on stage last night at Madison Garden in New York City. The pair relayed a message to the audience that erupted in cheers with the Roc ringleader arrived.

Apparently, The Blueprint 3 is on the way. ‘Ye yelled over and over again, that refrain, as Jay spit a new song titled “Jockin’ Jay-Z.” West even revealed he’ll be producing records for the LP.
The opening bars of the track feature Hov taking aim again at his detractors (Ahem, Noel Gallegher) during the Glastonbury Festival.

“That bloke from Oasis said I can’t play guitar/ Somebody should have told him I’m a fucking Roc star.” [ source ]

So, more Jay-Z on the way, huh? Remember when he said he was retiring…did anyone actually believe him? I think he should let his nephew Daniel spit a few bars on this next album. They could be some crazy interludes, like “The Wheels On The Bus” remix or “Jack N’ Kill (Right Up The Hill)”. Check please!

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  • Michael

    That actually sounds promising. I just hope he ain’t on no bullshit like he was with the last BP. He’ll be 50-years-old still rapping about all of this, though.

  • Sarah

    Good ish… Hov scares me with new music these days because you never know what you’re going to get but I’m liking what I’m hearing here.

  • Quick

    wORD… I’m not mad at the sample. I like it so far-

  • D-san

    Not really feeling it too much. It’s become trite to hear this Negro keep talking about the same stuff. WE KNOW YOU HAVE MONEY FOOL!